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The Skopen Creative Index

Our unique Creative Index is a more in-depth alternative to our Creative Indicator. The Creative Index takes into account both the intention and implementation of commercial creativity within your organisation.

How the Skopen Creative Index works

Your team, department or organisation are grouped into teams who then score the team on the ability to deliver Skopen's pre-defined four creative qualities of  commercial creativity. So we measure are not just measure how well the business thinks it does it but how well it actually does it.

Those ratings are then used by Skopen to calculate a tailored organisational Creative Index score. The report will break it down further within measurement of the four qualities of commercial creativity, provide data insights on these results and tailored recommendations around what the scores are telling you. In addition, we are also able to provide a 'commitment to creativity' scale for each individual which articulates how often that person is embodying creativity at work (which is supplied to them in their own report).

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What does the Creative Index provide?

  • We provide the Creativity Index score and tailored insights and recommendations at a company level, which can also be broken down by department or division (upon request, costs associated). 

  • In addition, individuals are sent a personal report with their overall score, a position on the commitment scale, a breakdown on all four qualities and insights on how to move up the scale towards a more creative mindset. This report is sent to the individual but is encouraged to be shared with their manager or mentor. 

How much the Creative Index cost?

  • £3,000 + VAT for a small organisation or team of up to 10 employees

  • £10,000 + VAT for organisations up to 100 employees

  • £20,000+ VAT for organisations up to 250 employees

  • Anything over 250 employees, please contact us for bespoke pricing

Contact us for an example report or to find out more

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