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Skopen was created to help battle today's challenging internal, corporate environment. Many organisations, businesses and brands want more from less, need to offer something different and create additional value from the relationships they have with customers, clients and suppliers. However to achieve something different, you have to think and act in an different way.

The power of Creativity within the working world drives true innovation. Product development, process improvement, costs savings and more are all delivered through creativity. We all know that one person in our team who just seems to brim with ideas and great suggestions, but imagine if your team or entire business had the knowledge, tools and awareness to conduct themselves in a manner that opened up creative thinking, creative understanding and creative development. 

At Skopen we believe that the increasing world of technology, automation, product homogenisation and artificial intelligence means that we are in dire need of more creativity to balance the skills of our staff and give brands the much needed longevity to survive in the forthcoming commercial environment.

Believe us when we say, Creativity is our passion.

Why Skopen?

Skopen is the Icelandic word for creativity. Compared to all other nations in the world, Iceland is considered the most innovative per capita. It is considered the 25th most innovative nation in the world, but has one of the smallest populations (under 400,000) - there are more people living in Bristol!

Therefore, in honour of the creativity that is intrinsic to their culture, we chose the name Skopen.

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