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Offering up some understanding and inspiration.

We offer a range of different workshops over 1-day, 3-days and 5-days. These workshops focus on the knowledge and tolls individuals and teams can access to behave in a manner that promotes creativity and innovation within the workplace.


Our workshops are designed to support a range of audiences, from small and young teams to large departments, leadership teams and Boards. We also have the ability to amend each workshop to align the outputs to current business objective, if required.

Trust us to make your creativity workshop an instant hit.

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1-day Workshop: Personal Creativity in the workplace - £4,500* + VAT

  • Key insights and basic tools on how to develop personal creativity within the workplace.

  • Case studies and discussion session(s) on managing self creativity.

  • Team collaboration session on overcoming challenges to implementing personal creativity.

  • This workshop is ideal for teams and departments.

2-day Workshop: Delivering Creativity in the workplace - £7,500* + VAT

  • Incorporate 1-day workshop plus the following.

  • Additional day covers working within teams to promote self-creativity.

  • Round table analysis session for building creative teams.

  • Again ideal for teams and departments.

3-day Workshop: Creativity in practice - £10,000* + VAT

  • Includes 2-day workshop plus the following.

  • Identifying situations to use new creativity skills and where creativity can be maximised.

  • Developing a creativity development plan for yourself and your team.


3-day Executive retreat: Creativity for Leaders - £12,500* + VAT

  • Hands on session to up-skill and enhance the creativity of your brand's leaders.

  • What role does creativity play as a leader and my position? 

  • What roles does creativity play as a team together?

  • Conduct analysis, action planning and strategy review.

  • Ideal for a small senior team or SME. 

5-day Executive retreat: Applying Creativity to the Strategy - £17,500

  • Includes all elements of the 3-day retreat. Also includes the below additions.

  • Utilising creativity for business performance growth (tailored day session to your busiess).

  • Utilising creativity to develop business solutions (tailored to your key business challenge).

  • Particularly good for larger teams, newer teams (mergers& acquisitions) or teams in distress.

Contact us using the form below if you would like to know more about one of our workshops.

*Prices exclude travel expenses, accommodation and facilities. We aim to utilise existing meetings rooms and spaces within your organisation wherever possible. T&Cs apply.

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